Welcome! I'm Thomas McCauley, a psychological scientist interested in evolutionary perspectives, social psychology, and statistical methodology.

I'm currently a first year graduate student enrolled in the the College of William & Mary's Master of Arts in Psychology program. I'll be applying to PhD programs this coming fall. If you're a potential advisor and believe that our research interests match up, or are interested in a potential collaboration, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The purpose of this site is twofold. First, I want to showcase my research interests and products. Under the section titled Research you will find descriptions of the topics that interest me, why they interest me, and the burning questions that I have regarding them. I've tried to organize them under broad umbrellas of ideas that interest me, but it's important to note that this fails to capture specific sub-topics that interest me, such as third party punishment, moral psychology, decision-making processes, signaling theory, etc. In other words, the listed topics are important to me, but don't exhaustively represent my research foci. There's a lot out there, and I'm learning more everyday.

Second, I wanted a platform to provide pedagogical tools for students in my lab and classes. This includes internet tools, such as graphic displays of how confidence intervals work, as well as practical articles to help young scholars think approach these daunting topics. It also include my own thoughts as a student of psychology that I believe to be useful to undergraduates and other graduate students, culled from the perspective of being in-between an undergraduate beginner and an aspiring professional scientist. These pedagogical elements are primarily contained in the Thoughts and Advice section, as well as the Resources section. 

Please feel free to contact me; you can send me an email by filling out the information under Contact, or send me a message at my tgmccauley@email.wm.edu. Thanks for visiting!